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5 Tips to Improve SEO for Tours

Tour and activity operators are by and large highly dependent on organic  search. Here’s what you need to know to improve organic traffic for your tour or activity . In this blog post we’ll share some expert tips on how you can improve your presence on search engines

1. Be more niche

Let’s face it, you’ll never be able to compete against Expedia or the other large tour resellers. What you can do, however, is out niche them. You have the opportunity to clearly define your offerings in a way that the big players can’t. Use your uniqueness to your advantage. If there are ways to make your tour or activity even more specialized, then you might want to consider them. Providing a specialized offering means that the content you create for your tour descriptions and website content in general, will be more relevant to customers searching for your particular tour or activity.

As a specialized operator, you also have the ability to become the expert.

2. Use high quality unique descriptions for your tours and activities.

If you decide to keep any of your lights on as a security measure, invest in an automatic timer. It can be programmed to turn on your lights during late evening and early morning hours while preventing wasted energy during the day.

3. Make a video of your tour or activity.

There is a lot of data to back up that videos can increase conversions on online sales. With Rezgo you have the ability to add videos as well as photos in your media gallery. This is a huge plus for your customers because they can watch a video during the booking process and really get a sense for what they will experience on your tour or activity. If you are using a professional tour video service like ITS Video, you will want to consider hosting a copy of your video on YouTube as well for search purposes.

4. Write Interesting Blog Posts.

Don’t just blog for the sake of blogging though. Write with your customers in mind. This is a great step in differentiating yourself from your competition and especially the big tour and activity resellers. Google also ranks content attributed to frequent authors higher in search results, so don’t forget to set up your author profile in your Google + account.

5. Connect your tour pages to your blog posts(s).

When you write those great posts about your destination or experience, don’t forget to link to your tour pages. You may even want to integrate your tour directly into the blog post somehow, perhaps describing a restaurant, attraction, or important site that might be visited during the tour. Consider doing a short video interview with a guide or yourself talking about something the customer might see or experience.

If the video you create is relevant to a specific tour or activity, you can even re-use the video on your tour page as well. This is a great way to re-purpose your content and drive maximum value for your efforts.